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Ian Fainges has been painting figures for 30 + years and has offered his services for those who wish to have their figures custom painted. As can be seen Ian does a beautiful job and adds life and character to each figure.

The general turnaround time is approximately one week depending on the quantity of figures to be painted plus postage time.

This service requires an additional postage cost (Aust. post registered) as the figures need to be initially posted to Ian for painting. Once complete Ian will forward the figures onto the customer.

In order to have this service attached to your shopping cart, you first need to add the required amount of 'painting service' for each figure you require painting. Be sure to add the correct size to the cart that matches the figures you have added.

You will then need to add one (1) additional shipping charge to the cart.

At checkout you can add a note detailing painting requests i.e. Blue overalls, white shirt, brown hat etc. Or you can leave it to Ian's Discretion.

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