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3D Printed Figures

AndIan Models has been working to produce our very own authentic NSWGR loco crews. We’ve spent several hours with Keith Jones, Director of the Dorrigo Railway Museum, who was a fireman and Driver for the NSWGR from 1969 till 1979. We consulted Keith as to how and why the Driver or fireman would be positioned in each loco to go about his work. We have tried to create a number of typical poses for our loco crews while maintaining prototypical positions and attire. For example, when firing a 30 class tank, the fireman would need to grip the main shaft of the shovel with his left hand so as not to hit the back of his hand on the seat behind him. Unlike the 50 class where there is more room to fire, the fireman can hold the shovel by griping the ‘T’ handle on the end. In addition, the coal plate of the 30 class is basically at floor level so he would be bent right over to scoop up the coal.

We have measured the heights of seats, fire-hole doors, regulators, handrails and coaling plates to be able to recreate our crew to be in the correct positions when fitted to a model.

The Museum was also kind enough to loan us a brand genuine Tulloch Fireman's shovel, authentic and  original guard and station masters uniforms and hats with correct badges for guard, station master and station assistant. 

The use of extremely high quality scanning equipment provides extreme detail and definition in the 3D prints. We are looking at providing several sets of crew specifically for each locomotive type with the first being for the 50/53/55 class, 30 class tank and 19 Class. They are designed to fit correctly into either ready to run or brass models, they can also be adapted for use in other loco classes.

Of course, our figures can be used for any prototype loco. We now keep stock of O (1:48) scale crew for the American modellers. Some of these figures will be ' mirrored' for right hand side driver crew and some will have American Railroad Hats.

Custom sized figures can also be specially ordered in any scale from 1:160 to 1:12 scale. Please email us for a quote.

All figures are supplied unpainted and with some support structure attached. Over time we will be expanding the range to cover most loco classes along with station crew, train guards, shunters and perway crew. 


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As can be seen on the left, our figures are supplied with support structure attached. This is part of the 3D printing process and supports the figure when being printed. Leaving it attached prevents possible damage to the figure during postage.

The modeller can carefully remove this using a new scalpel or hobby knife or sharp pointed side cutters. Note, the fine shovels are very fragile and can be broken from heavy handed use. It is advised to leave the base attached to the boots and bottom of shovel during the painting process. Once the remaining support structure is removed the figure can be primed and painted.

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HO (1:87)
O scale (1:48)
7mm Scale (1:43)
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Ian Fainges

Custom Figure painting service

Ian has offered a painting service for those who wish to have their figures custom painted. As can be seen to the left Ian does a beautiful job. To find out more click on the link below.