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Prototype Info.

In November 1941 an order for 23 of the steel underframe KKG underframes were ordered to be converted to bogie covered vans, coded MCV. These wagons entered service in December 1942.

A further order in June 1943 required the conversion of the 12 Kilbourne vehicles. These vehicles were converted in November 1943.

The MCV’s were capable of being attached to passenger trains and conveyed at express speeds, but the 2AD bogies with their small journals, limited the capacity of the vans to 12 tons.

Most of these vans were condemned during the 1960’s however one vehicle remains preserved within the Dorrigo Railway Museum.

L1188, formerly MCV5891, was extensively measured and photographed to aid in this kits production therefore it is based on the Clyde KKG underframe variant with 2AD bogies.

As was with most wagons of the NSWGR, no two were identical. Subtle variation in handrail and lamp bracket location, door latches and overhead door drains for example varied from wagon to wagon and one should research the prototype if modelling a particular wagon.


The Model

Our all new MCV comprises a Polyurethane multipiece body, floor and roof. The body has been created from 3D printed patterns to give the ultimate detail and fidelity.

Stephen Johnson Models 2AD bogies are included with the kit along with fine scale spoked metal wheels.


Also included are cast brass buffers and brake cylinder, etched parts for steps and brake wheels, brass wire, decals, associated hardware and a comprehensive set of assembly instructions.

Scale head whisker KD couplers are supplied with the KD version.

The screw coupled kits include parts for sprung buffers but do NOT include couplings. SJM screw coupling are available separately through our webstore under the accessories tab.

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