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Prototype Info.

These water gins were built following the Second World War on standard 10’ wheelbase, 18’ overall underframes, as used under S trucks and many others. They were essentially for departmental use. In later life, some of them were redeployed in other uses such as for waste oil, etc.

The wagon used for reference is in the collection of the Dorrigo Railway Museum and was originally based at Muswellbrook.

NSWGR Water Gin S Wagon Underframe

The Model

This kit features a highly detailed etch nickel silver 10' wheelbase 'S' wagon underframe. Both the tank and solebar are cast in polyurethane from 3D printed masters. There is a separate etch for both the tank ladder and horizontal side rails.

Included is a jig for building up the brake rigging, Cast brass buffers and detail parts, Brass wire, scale head whisker KD couplers and option for either spoked or four hole disk PR25-88 wheels. A detailed instruction sheet for both the underframe and tank body is included and decals sheet.

Coming Soon

We are making a few changes to this little kit. While changing the chassis form the original etched brass to nickel silver, we have decided to do away with the sprung wheels for compensation. It was realised that with the wagon being so light weight the springing was unnecessary. .

We are also going to change the solebar from the fold up etch to a highly detailed cast polyurethane part produced from a 3D drawing and 3D printed masters.

The tank will also be reprinted and cast now that we have access to a higher quality printer.

We hope to have this wagon back in stock later this year. Be sure to check the website for updates.

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