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Prototype Info.

The BLV code seems to have been a bit of a catch-all for various bogie louvre vans around the early part of the 20th century. There are a number of published photographs, but no two seem to be exactly the same, with a variety of underframes, 2 or 3 compartments, and so on.

This kit is based on BLV 15593, which is in the collection of the Dorrigo Steam Railway and Museum, and many photographs and measurements were taken from this during the preparation of this kit

The Model

Our all new BLV comprises an Polyurethane multipiece body, floor and roof. The body has been created from 3D printed patterns to give the ultimate detail and fidelity.

We have also created a cast polyurethane Corrugated roof that is supported buy ultra fine polyurethane roof support brackets.

The kit is based on the King Post version. Brass castings of the king post assembly is included along with brass wire and and brass etches for the hand brake and release lever.

Stephen Johnson Models Thow archbar bogies are included with the kit along with Fine scale spoked metal wheels, KD158 Scale head couplings, decals and a detailed set of assembly instructions.

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